Mental Movies

Pssst, hey kid……. Wanna… Persuade your prospects?

Of course you do. So show them – let them feel the negative consequences of not taking action… And shower them with rewards if they do.

This technique is called Instilling Mental Movies.


… Otherwise kiss goodbye to any chance that your prospect will develop a burning desire for your product… Not with your stale old copy.

Ok, so how’s it done? By using PVAs that focus on VAKOGs of either positive or negative imagery.

Huh…PVAs? VAKOGs?! What the HELL you talking about?

PVA stands for Powerful Visual Adjectives.

(It’s also the noise your prospects make when they read the copy for your deep-dish bing cherry pie made form freshly picked, organic fruit, and a flaky, handmade, buttery crust, topped with a big ‘ol scoop of double-churned vanilla-bean ice cream.)

VAKOG stands for Visual (seeing), Audiatory (hearing), Kinesthetic (feeling), Olfactory (smelling) and Gustatory (tasting)…

By using PVA-VAKOGs to describe a scene, you command the readers attention to the fullest. And can easily instill positive or negative emotions… I hope you can see just how powerful this technique is.

Now, link a few scenes together and your reader just boarded an emotional roller-coster with all gas and no breaks!

Twist and turn his attention any how you want… The same way great novels do. (Or as I like to call them, multi-sensory movies.)

YES, Mihael! I want to learn this! How do I Start?!


Pick a simple scene…

Observe the details as closely as possible…

And find hard-hitting PVAs that create the most powerful mental representations of the scene.

Struggling to find PVAs? Don’t worry. It’s hard at first because we’re not used to talking like this in everyday life. Learn some PVAs online (google “sensory words”) or while reading your favourite novel.

Pro tip! Start with a plain sentence. Then iterate over it… Adding more and more PVAs with each cycle.

Lemme show you…


Eat this pear.

Here, eat this sweet, yellow pear.

Why don’t you eat this delicious, mouth-watering, amber pear from the orchards in my backyard.

Sink your teeth into the sweetest, juciest, most delicious bright amber pear handpicked by my 78-year old grandma this morning from our golden, sun-drenched orchards.

Just wait until you sink your teeth into the sweetest, juciest, most mouth-watering bright amber Barlette Pears you’ve ever eaten! And not just one or two… But a full one-dozen of these crisp luscious beauties! Each one carefully hand-picked by my 78-year old grandma this morning from the golden, sun-drenched orchards in our very own back yard!

Feel the difference?

By Mihael D. Čačič

Published by Mihael D. Cacic

Content Marketing Strategist & Epic Blog Writer.