Hi, I’m
Mihael D. Čačič.




While you’re reading this, I’m most likely sitting behind an oak desk in my cozy home office here in Slovenia… and cranking out copies!

You clicked here because you’re probably wondering “who is this guy trying to sell me email marketing?”…

Well… Here are a few notable facts about me.

Slovenian – I’m from a teeny-tiny paradise on Earth called Slovenia. (Hence my “odd” name.) There are just 2 million of us. Bordering on Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, Slovenia has one of the most varied landscapes in the world.

Physics Graduate – I wasn’t always a writer. I studied Physics at an amazing university in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I finished my graduate degree in the summer of 2020.

Data Engineer – During my studies I worked as a Data Engineer for a year. Though I was mostly writing SQL querries, I also talked with our customers to get a better feel for their needs. Safe to say I learned a lot about IT. And customer support.

Moreover, every penny I earned helped me establish The Bedrock Copy.

Digital Minimalist – Yes, I use the internet. But I absolutely despise social media and everything flashy that tries to steal focus away from what I value (such as my craft).

Not typical for a Gen-Z but… I don’t think “instant” connection is a good thing at all. If I want to stay in touch with you, I’ll call you. If I want to hang out with you, I’ll drop by. And no amount of “likes” can replace that pristine human connection….

Artist – My favourite thing to do in the evenings is draw or play the piano. I love concept art and design. Particulary architecture and world building.

Powerlifter – I’ve been studying biology, nutrition, supplements, wellness and weightlifting since high school. After trying out countless diets, testing 101 supplements and a ton of work out programs… Here are some of my lifts:

  • Best Squat – 110 kg (242.5 lbs)
  • Best Bench – 130 kg (286.5 lbs)
  • Best Deadlift – 180 kg (397 lbs)

I mostly bench, since my knees are whack. I hope to achieve 160 kg (350 lbs).


“You could have been a programmer, reasearcher, engineer or even an designer! … You even have the formal training! Why choose writing?”

I believe good writing is fundatonal for any businsess. Without good writing a business can’t represent itself. And if it can’t properly represent itself, it will atract wrong customers and struggle to make sales.

Have you ever been really excited about a product or an idea? But when you told your friends about it, you simply couldn’t invoke the same excitement in them?

Sure, maybe they just don’t care about it… But it’s much more likely you simply didn’t choose the right words and the right order of words to strike a chord!

Now imagine you have a superpower where you can project your feelings to others with ease… And eventually persuade them to do everything you say.

That’s some seriously powerful stuff….

Let’s work together.