Fact-Benefit List

Ever wonder why copywriters fail to make sales? Learning Dynamics Incorporated (a sales training firm) claims it’s because… they don’t know how to translate the product features into customer benefits. Instead, novice copywriters cite endless specifications… Facts… Trivia… Production methods… History… Stats… Leaving all the hard work of thinking for the customer… Now… SPOILER ALERT:Continue reading “Fact-Benefit List”

Becoming a Rapid Learner, Part 2/6: Productivity

Reading time: 6 minutes Last week I started with Scott H. Young course Rapid Learner. Rapid Learner is a course that guides you through a strategy for learning almost anything as effectively and efficiently as possible. Great for any student or a professional who wants to deepen their knowledge about a certain topic. In myContinue reading “Becoming a Rapid Learner, Part 2/6: Productivity”

Becoming a Rapid Learner, Part 1/6: Introduction and Crafting my Project

This post is a review of Scott H. Young course Rapid Learner. First, I present who Scott is. Then I introduce his course and review the first module. Lastly, I show my completed assignment.