How Health Supplement Companies Use Email Marketing To Skyrocket
Their Success.

We live in a ruthless, multi-channel, cut-throat economy.

FDA guidelines. SEO competition. Brand awareness. 101 media channels. Dynamic digital marketing. Trends. Trust building. Instant customer support. Offering value upfront. Better offers. Social politics…

Who wouldn’t get confused?

As a CEO and a Manager trying to run and grow a company, I know what’s pecking your head all the time…

A simple question that won’t shut up.

“Am I doing this right?”

Well my friend…

Read on, and find out.

Build Your Brand.
Convert Your Leads.
Grow Your Business.

Listen, Bucko.
Content Is King.
But Email Is The Emperor.

Out of all marketing channels (including TV and radio)… Email is the most overlooked yet the best way to reach and engage your customers.


Because everyone has and checks email. Multiple times a day.

Well… Don’t you?

In fact, all the big companies are spending boo-koo bucks growing their email list. They know it’s essentially free advertising

Listen… According to one eMarketer study, emails have a Return On Investment of $40 per $1 spent! That’s twice as good as SEO optimization and whopping 20-times better than Banner Ads.

“Well shit, why isn’t everyone doing it then?”

Because it takes a lot of time.

Wanna make a banner ad or a landing page? Hire someone to do it and you can use it for years.

But email marketing? You need one, two, or even seven pieces of fresh, relevant, engaging, and informative content every week!

(Not to mention the existing infrastructure of email autoresponder sequences…)

Hard? Yes.

Effective? You betcha.

I know, I know… You’re still wondering exactly how Dietary Supplement Companies use email to rake in big ca$h money every month…

Let’s jump into that.

An Email For Your Every Need.


There are TONS of uses for emails.

You know how your customers add stuff to the basket and never finish the purchase?

(In fact, cart abandonment represents a 17 BILLION DOLLAR revenue loss for online shops every year)

Well with a kick-ass Cart Abandonment Email Sequence, you could nudge your customers just a ‘lil bit more towards finishing the purchase. Raking in a % of that 17 billion dolla goldmine.

And then send a few Follow-Up Sequences to remind them what an amazing item they just bought. Preventing “buyers remorse” and order cancellations.

And hey and since they bought something… Why not buy something else with the help of an Upsell Email Sequence!

Or you could generate hype with new product launch emails

Send irresistible Offer Emails and opportunities. And later Reminder Emails about them…

Or simply show them around with an informative Welcome Sequence Emails. Making them feel welcomed and appericated.

Not to forget sending useful, helpful, and Informative Newsletters every day. Making you the goto dietary supplement company for all their needs, wishes, and desires.

Do You See How Powerful This Is?

So, who’s gonna write all the…

  • Upsell Emails,
  • Follow-Up Emails,
  • Product Launch Emails,
  • Informative Newsletters,
  • Welcome Sequence Emails,
  • Cart Abandonment Emails,
  • Offer and Discount Emails?

Why, Health Supplement Email Copywriters! (Like yours truly.)

It’s not only super easy to pay them (just throw a few $$$ to their PayPal account with no buereaucracy and paperwork)…

It’s also super easy to cancel them if they suck balls!

Zero hassle.


You wouldn’t wanna pay just any random copywriter $10.000 to write you a landing page out of the blue… Would you?

Before making big commitments, you can test the copywriter on a few chep short-copy emails that show INSTANT results. (Open rates. Click-through rates. Sales…).

Thank me later.

Are You Ready To Work With Mihael?

“No, I’m not. I wanna read all the 24 Benefits I get by working with Mihael first.”

(Well then my friend, read on!)

You didn’t click it?

Fine. I might be a milk drinker, but I ain’t no wanker.

(Wanker: Someone excessively and annoyingly pretentious and/or false, with a strong likelihood of working in the creative industries, especially “new media”.)

Here are…

24 Stupidly Awesome Benefits You Get By Working With Mihael

  1. The benefit of rigorous STEM education working for you — major in theoretical physics, minor in biology.
  2. The benefit of patient, deep research — leaving no “hidden benefits” and “unique selling opportunities” unconsidered.
  3. The benefit of knowing the FDA guidelines inside-out — writing compliant copy that protects you from multi-million dollar lawsuits.
  4. The benefit of writing in different styles — from rugged cowboy to a friendly grandma. Appeal to anyone.
  5. The benefit of understanding the struggles of dietary supplement business —  How to overcome them. Spend your dollars where they make the most impact.
  6. The benefit of proficiency in various marketing channels — with email being the most profitable specialty.
  7. The benefit of writing informative copy — that is drop-dead simple and easy to understand.
  8. The benefit of a hypnotic writing style — readers forget the world around them.
  9. The benefit of natural-born empathy — making the customer feel good, understood, and appreciated.
  10. The benefit of exceptional teaching ability — Making complex stuff sound easy.
  11. The benefit of ZERO bureaucracy — get any service with a simple PayPal deposition.
  12. The benefit of over 400 years of wisdom — from THE BEST in the industry WORKING FOR YOU!
    1. From Gary Halbert — Writing hypnotic copy.
    2. From Drew Eric Whitman — The skill of painting powerful sensory images in your prospect’s mind. Turn kindling wishes into burning desires!
    3. From Bob Bly — The skill of writing world-class direct response copy for health and dietary supplements.
    4. From Bond Halbert — The skill of editing that forces customers to read every single word you write.
    5. From Dan S. Kennedy — The power of methodology, assembling sales letters, and 34 writing steps for each piece of copy.
    6. From Neville Medhora — The art of writing in your own voice, being likable, relatable and entertaining.
    7. From Robert Collier — the ability to do killer marketing analysis. And to chime in the conversation at precisely the righ time.
    8. From Clause C. Hopkins — The finesse of making irresistible sales offers and building trust with customers.
    9. From Cal Newport — The power of Deep Focus, the poison of modern-day distractions, and the eternal values of Quality, Mastery, Craftsmanship.
    10. From the spiritual teacher M.K.G. — The ability to tap into your natural-born empathy and become, feel and understand the emotions, fears and desires of anyone.
    11. From Mihaels Mom — Obsession with dietary supplements. And to only accept excellence from one self.
    12. From Mihaels Dad — The value of patience and being super-chill, like… all the time.

“Wowzers in my trousers! That’s a lot of benefits… Why’d I trust a word you’re saying?

Don’t trust me. Or any other freelancer.

Snoop around his website. Screen his Portfolio, Pricing, Methodology…

And then listen to your gut.

Do you think….

He is cut out for the job? Does he really know what he’s saying? Does he specialize in the health supplements space? Does he know the FDA guidelines like his back pocket? Can he do killer research? Does he possess the mastery of the English language?

“Yeah, He knows his stuff… I bet he can do email magic and rake in so. much. ca$h. for me and my company!”

That’s great! Then it’s time we start…

  • Converting leads to customers.
  • Shielding yourself from the FDA.
  • Building a brand that people love.
  • Optimizing your lead generation.
  • Crafting irresistible and profitable offers.
  • Keeping your customers loyal, paying and happy
  • The exponential growth of your dietary supplement business.

Simply fill in the contact form below, or shoot me an email to BedrockCopy@gmail.com

Describe me your project, wants and desires…

And I’ll answer with a questionnaire and a tailored pricing list for you business.

And then we’ll talk form there.


Mihael D. Čačič

P.S. First time here? Accept THIS GIFT of…

  • FREE information under Articles – Got time to kill? Learn and do everything yourself!
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